Checkers Tips

Badge tips

Be sure check Rated in the table options for Checker Champ!

The easiest way to win any Checkers badge is to play with a friend or cooperative partner.

Game win badges can be super-fast when played with a friend: if each person makes a move and one resigns, the other gets a win. Make sure you don't take turns resigning if you're going for in-a-row wins! NOTE this method no longer works as of 2/4/09 for the King Squelchy badge.

To earn the Chubby Checkers or Jump for Joy badges easily, play with a friend or cooperative partner. When one person makes a king, that player hits the Undo button and the opponent approves it. Then repeat the move to get a king again. Keep repeating until you have as many kings as you need. (Take turns every so often to save your sanity.)

Kingmaker, Jumpin' Bean, Double Decker, Chubby Checkers, Jump for Joy and Check, Please are relatively painless playing against Pogobots as none of these badges require you win the game. You'll make progress towards any of these badges simply by playing complete games.

For the Double Decker badge, multiple jumps and jumping kings earn more tokens than single captures. An average game will earn 200-300 tokens. A winning game capturing 12 pieces earns 385 tokens.

For game win badges, refer to Game tips.

Game tips

ALWAYS read a game's How to Play, and also check for a Hints or Tips tab and/or Tutorial. They do help!

Pogobots play a sacrifice-for-sacrifice game. I don't have many real tips to win this game, especially against bots, other than to keep your pieces in the row closest to you as long as possible to prevent your opponent's pieces becoming kings.

Sometimes moving some of your single checkers to the outermost spaces in the early part of the game can help you keep those, as can moving a checker to form a diagonal line.

If you can lure enough of the bot's pieces down the middle or either side and take them (sacrificing your "bait" checkers of course), you can then move your remaining pieces down the cleared path to get to the other side and make them kings.

You can always take an opponent's king if it's on an edge (not a corner). Move your king to the next same-color square toward the center, providing no other pieces are in adjacent squares.

Occasionally you can win against Pogobots using random moves (and sheer luck).

More about Checkers

This game requires that you make jumps and take your opponent's piece(s) whenever possible.

Like most classic games, Checkers is easy to learn - many of us played it as children - but difficult to master.