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Congratulations to this week's winner:
Alex B. from Detroit, MI
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MONOPOLY The World Edition
No U Turn Badge
Pass 'Go' 10 times this week!
Tips on playing MONOPOLY The World Edition

52 Card Pickup
Crazy Eights Badge
Pick up '8' 88 times this week!
Tips on playing 52 Card Pickup

Tricky Partnership Badge
Work with your partner to win 170 tricks this week!
Tips on playing Spades

Space Hunt
Purple Planet Eater Badge
Destroy 1700 purple planets this week!
Tips on playing Space Hunt

  • It's Triple Bonus Tokens Thursday. Grab your free 9,000 tokens HERE.
  • Pogo has released Big City Adventure Cape Town Day 8 - The Dutch.
  • Pogo has released Undiscovered World The Loch Ness Monster - Chapter 4 - Preparations.
  • Pogo has released Clue Secrets & Spies EP307 - Dino-Might.
  • Pogo has released 3 new Mix-n-Match Badges.
  • Pogo has released 3 new Mix-n-Magic Badges.
  • Pogo has released Sherlock Holmes - The Five Orange Pips - Part II.
  • New items released in the mini mall to celebrate Pogo.
  • Pogo has released Solitaire Gardens - Japanese Garden - Part 2.
  • Pogo offers advance access to the 2016 Pogo Anniversary Limited Edition Badge to some accounts.
  • Pogo game of the month for September is Boggle Bash with 3 new M & M badges, 15 more ranks, and 2 new badges.
  • For more news, visit the News Section.

All unreleased badges can be seen HERE.