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Congratulations to this week's winner:
Patricia F. from Atlanta, GA
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Mahjong Safari
Bundles of Joy Badge
Send 18 gifts this week!
Tips on playing Mahjong Safari

Love Letters Badge
Make 50 words containing the letter B this week!
Tips on playing QWERTY

Crazy Cakes
Gluten Gluttons Badge
Serve 500 desserts this week!
Tips on playing Crazy Cakes

Sherlock Holmes
Follow the Money Badge
Win 6000 tokens this week!
Tips on playing Sherlock Holmes
Additional Challenge

Jungle Gin
Gin Yummy Badge
Go Gin 14 times this week!
Tips on playing Jungle Gin

  • Just a reminder that Pogo now releases 3 Mix N Match badges every Monday.
  • It's Sunday Social Time. Grab your free 10,000 tokens.
  • Pogo has released Mahjong Escape Egypt.
  • Receive 2,000 free tokens when you load the games: Stack'Em and Hog Heaven Slots.
  • Pogo will be retiring three premium badge albums on March 21st: Casino Oasis, Island Dreams, and Puppy Love.
  • Pogo has started the Weekly Pogo Playoffs .
  • Pogo has released Big City Adventure Shanghai Day 8 - "Historical Icons".
  • Pogo has released Undiscovered World The Minotaur's Maze - Chapter 4 - "Expert Help".
  • Pogo has released another set of Mix-n-Magic Challenges.
  • Pogo has released the newest Clue episode "Burning Love".
  • Pogo has released Claire Hart - Case 41 - Part 2:"Sister's Secret".
  • For more news, visit the News Section.

All unreleased badges can be seen HERE.