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Congratulations to this week's winner:
Angelina C. from Chicago, IL
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Jigsaw Treasure Hunter
Forgotten Treasure Badge
Win 9 Jackpot Spins this week!
Tips on playing Jigsaw Treasure Hunter

Plants vs. Zombies
Plants Rule Badge
Defeat 750 zombies this week!
Tips on playing Plants vs. Zombies

Zuma's Revenge
Shoot the Gap Badge
Make 65 gap shots this week!
Tips on playing Zuma's Revenge

Beaker Creatures
Filler Up Badge
Earn bonus points (fully fill the 3rd test tube) 8 times this week!
Tips on playing Beaker Creatures

  • Pogo has released Undiscovered World Captain Cook's Bones - Chapter 4 - "Gods and Men".
  • Pogo has released more Mix-n-Magic Challenges.
  • Pogo has released the newest Clue episode "A Fowl Plot".
  • Pogo has released new winter items into the minimall.
  • Pogo has released Big City Adventure Barcelona Day 7 "Medieval Times".
  • Pogo has released Claire Hart - "Travel with Claire: Garden City".
  • Pogo has released the second set of Mix N Match badges for November.
  • Pogo has retired the premium albums Sword and Sorcery, Celebrations, and Best of Pogo Bowl.
  • For more news, visit the News Section.

All unreleased badges can be seen HERE.