Badge tips

Be aware of the two hour time limit for Drive Thru!

You move around the board by getting two dice anywhere on the reels. Ranks are earned by passing GO.

Game tips

ALWAYS read a game's How to Play, and also check for a Hints or Tips tab and/or Tutorial. They do help!

Like other Pogo slots games, no tips here other than just keep spinning.

This is a bit different from other Pogo slots games but like most of the others, ranking up is slow going.

Your game piece will advance on the board the number of pips showing if you get two dice. Like regular MONOPOLY, doubles entitles you to roll (and advance) again, but if you roll doubles three times you go to Jail.

Getting out of Jail requires rolling doubles on your next turn or losing 50 tokens.

More about MONOPOLY Slots

The Almighty Dollar badge has the longest time limit of all Pogo badges with time limits: 300 days

You can see the game pieces and progress of the other players in the room as they travel around the game board. Some spins will result in token payouts for everyone in a room.

You're wagering your own tokens in this game. Select all 15 paylines to increase your odds of winning, and select maximum 10 tokens per line to increase winning payouts. You can hit Max Bet to automatically bet 15 lines at 10 tokens each.

You can choose a different playing piece by clicking Select Mover at the top right of the screen. New movers are unlocked as you achieve higher ranks.