Last Updated: Thursday April 17th 2014



All unreleased badges can be seen HERE


Pogo has released Big City Adventure Rio de Janeiro Day 2.

Pogo has finally released the new Starter Album. See the full list of Games, Badges, and Challenges. Pogo has released the second set of Mix N Match badges for April.

Pogo has released Undiscovered World - Brassbeard’s Treasure Chapter 11.

Pogo has released the newest Clue episode "Snooz Alarm".

Pogo has released Claire Hart Case 30 part 2 "The Masked Man".

Sneak peek of Mix N Match badges for May:

Pogo has released the new premium album "Pogodelic".

Pogo has released the Easter 2014 Limited Edition Badge
Release 30 bee prizes in 2 weeks!

You can now have up to 90 snapshots for your Mini creations. Visit the Mini Mall and make some new Snapshots.

New premium album in the works called "Brave Service":

Sneak peek of the upcoming The Best of Pogo Addiction Solitaire Premium Badge Album:

Pogo has released and re-released Spring items to the mini mall.

Sneak peek of the 2014 Mother's Day Limited Edition Badge:

Pogo has released 3 new Sherlock Holmes Episodes.

Pogo has brought three premium albums back from the vault. The Road to Happiness, Take a Trip, and Pogo Time Machine for 86 Gems each.

5 new archive puzzles added to Jigsaw Detective. Click "Change Puzzle, click right arrow to end of the list, and choose from Alley 1, Alley 2, Bike, Pond, and Arcade.

Club Pogo members can now select multiple Mix-n-Match Badges to activate at the same time.

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