Quick Quack Tips

Badge tips

**The Quackadoodle badge was originally one of the longest challenges of all, requiring 100 jackpot spins and many, many hours. Apparently Pogo received an unprecedented number of complaints as they first extended the challenge's time by several weeks, and later changed it to only requiring 10 spins as a Personal challenge.

To earn spins for Quackadoodle, you must finish each game with at least 1,000 tickets to guarantee a spin. Finishing with 500 to 1,000 tickets gives you a chance at a spin.

For a faster Quack Shoot badge, count your ducks in a row. When you hit 15, break your streak and start over. You can get several 15 duck streaks in each game this way.

You can do the same for badges requiring streaks of 30 ducks. In theory you could get three 30 duck streaks per game, but it isn't easy.

For badges requiring tickets (or for ranking up), be aware that you earn tickets by getting longer streaks, getting your rank duck into bonus zone(s) at the bottom, reaching the weeds at the end of a round, clicking six numbered ducks in order (up or down), and by clicking all four colors in a row. You can earn even more tickets by clicking multiple four-color sequences in a streak.

For Danger Duck, tokens are awarded at the price picking section at the end of each round. The more tickets you've earned in the game, the more tokens (plus better chances at getting a spin), so refer to ticket tips above as well as Game tips below.

For Ducks in a Row, the bonus game is when you select a prize at the end of two rounds. You need to have earned 500 tickets to reach it.

For badges requiring Rainbow Streaks, concentrate on finding & clicking same-numbered ducks of all four colors in a row rather than making long streaks or earning tickets. Pick a number and save one of each color for that number till you have all four. You can click Keep Shooting anytime to refill so you aren't forced to use the ones you're holding. You can usually get two Rainbow Streaks per game, and sometimes more.

Refer to Game tips for more.

Game tips

ALWAYS read a game's How to Play, and also check for a Hints or Tips tab and/or Tutorial. They do help!

The key here is simply to match colors or numbers to make unbroken streaks as long as possible. Try to avoid hitting Next Flock until necessary.

At the end of the game you can choose a prize (power-up and/or jackpot spin) if you've earned enough tickets. 500-750 tickets earns a 1 in 3 chance of a spin from the bottom row prizes; 750-1,000 tickets earns a 1 in 2 chance of a spin from the middle row prizes; and over 1,000 tickets guarantees a spin from the prizes on the top row.

Power-ups include two-color ducks to change colors without breaking a streak; wild ducks which match any duck; +2 ducks which release two extra ducks without hitting Next Flock; and King ducks which award 50, 100 or 200 bonus tickets when clicked.

You have limited Undo's in each game so use them wisely, such as when a power-up doesn't help as you hoped or if you hit a Refill zone and discover you had a better choice to lead in to the new ducks.

If you get only 50 tickets from a King duck and have an Undo available, you can use it to try again: sometimes you'll get better King duck luck.

A rainbow streak happens when you click all 4 colors in a row.
Click NEXT FLOCK or KEEP SHOOTING to start new streaks.
Click on +1, +2 or REFILL to release new ducks.

More about Quick Quack

You can check your progress toward the next rank by clicking your rank duck at the bottom.

Each rank duck has a special phrase that occasionally appears over its head.

You can turn off the blue wave movement by clicking anywhere in the game area and typing "anim" (without quotes).

It's highly unusual for Pogo to change the requirements for a weekly challenge after its release as happened with Quackadoodle, and even more unusual - if not unique - for the challenge's requirements to be reduced so dramatically to earn it later as a Personal challenge. Pogo has since responded to complaints about very long or difficult challenges that they do not and cannot change challenge requirements once released.. go figure.

Those of us who spent hours upon hours getting our 100 spins that week are still smarting from the subsequent time extension, and even more so by the drastic reduction from 100 spins to only 10.. we could have saved ourselves a lot of time had we known. Pogo really should have offered a Special Edition badge to those who completed 100 spins in the first week, but no such luck.