Rainy Day Spider Solitaire Tips

Badge tips

Be aware of the 20 minute time limit for Chasing Rainbows! Set to Easy difficulty for an easier time getting this one.

Be aware of the one hour time limit for Dancing in the Rain, and the five hour time limit for End of the Rainbow! You'll earn tokens much faster on harder difficulty levels.

Be sure to set difficulty level to Normal (or Hard) for Rainbow's End, Water Spout or Dark and Stormy Night, and to Hard for Web in the Window or Rainbow Swing!

You don't need to win the game for "clear foundation stacks" badges, although a winning game clears ten stacks. If you don't think you're going to win, work on chipping away individual stacks rather than jumping all around for these badges.

For Raindrop, Lazy Day or Line Jumper, be aware that Normal games earn more tokens than Easy, and Hard games earn even more. You don't have to win for these badges, but you don't get many tokens for losing games.

For World Wide Web, New Umbrella, Fido's or Rainbow Day, be sure not to place any cards in the far right Bonus Free column! You can use the Free Cells at the bottom.

Alternately for Trapeze Net, be sure you don't use the Free Cells at the bottom.

Rainbow Swing and Web in the Window in particular are difficult challenges but they can be done. Clicking New Game (or switching to Medium and then back to Hard) until you have an opening deal with several same-suit moves and Free Cell or Bonus scratch cards showing in the stacks and/or Draw piles will help. Generally a win is achievable if you clear two Ace thru King groups, so don't give up! If you have a promising game but get stuck, use Undo (a lot) and try different moves. The upside is that wins on Hard get good spins and very fast rank progress.

For game win badges, refer to Game tips.

Game tips

ALWAYS read a game's How to Play, and also check for a Hints or Tips tab and/or Tutorial. They do help!

Move partial stacks from one column to another to free up cards. Sometimes you have to move partial stacks back & forth many times to win, especially on Hard.

Try to move cards from columns that have the fewest buried cards so you'll free up columns. Be aware that any card can be placed into a blank column.

Use blank columns as temporarily holding spots to shift cards between stacks and to "unmix" suits, especially when playing on Hard. Also try to move Kings into empty columns, especially playing on Easy or in later stages of Medium or Hard games.

You can only use each Free Cell once so save them as long as possible and don't use them (or the Bonus Free column) until you have to. If you win without using one or both Free Cells or the Bonus Free column, you'll get a few bonus tokens for each.

When playing on Medium or Hard, you'll usually have to mix suits in a column, but try to mix as few columns as possible and "unmix" them as soon as you can or you'll have a hard time getting them sorted into suits later. When you have to mix suits, try to do so in columns with the fewest buried cards.

If you get stuck, use Undo and try moving cards to different places. You can also use Undo to peek into several columns: if you have more than one option to uncover a card at the top of the stacks, use Undo to try each option and choose the best one.

You can use Undo all the way back to the beginning of the game OR to your last click on a Draw pile OR to the last Ace thru King group you cleared, so be sure you've made all possible moves before drawing or clearing a foundation.

Getting all the Draw piles into play is crucial, especially on Hard, but select Draw piles carefully. The top card showing will land on the first column on the left, and the far right Bonus Free column won't get a Draw card. Whenver possible, maneuver your cards so the top card of a Draw pile will play onto the far left column, the far right Bonus Free column (if in use), or so that card(s) in the far right Bonus Free column can play onto the top Draw card. Otherwise, select a Draw pile that you can play off from another column (and hope that you can free its playable card(s) from its own Draw card).

Choosing a Draw pile with a bonus scratch cards or Free Cell card on top means you'll have at least one less Draw card to deal with.

More about Rainy Day Spider Solitaire

You can't click a Draw pile if you have any blank columns other than the far right Bonus Free column, but don't worry. If you have to take apart runs to fill up free columns in order to draw, you're almost certain to win the game.

The number of games required for ranks & Game Award badges depends on the difficulty level you select. Easy requires more wins than Normal, which requires more wins than Hard.

This game ranks up very slowly on Easy and very quickly on Hard, especially in the early ranks.

This game is played with two decks - 104 cards (plus Free Cell and bonus scratch cards) - so be aware there are eight Aces, eight Kings, etc.

Spider Solitaire was included in the Windows 98 Plus! free add-on package, and comes installed in all Windows systems beginning with XP (without the graphics, bonus cards or spider clothing).