Set up your table like this:

Pogo says: "To earn the Secret Blooop Badge, enter an Expert or Master room and play the AI in a 1-point game without junkblocks. Remember to uncheck the "Allow players to replace computer players after the game starts" in the Table Settings. Defeat the AI and you will receive the Blooop Secret Badge. " If you are going to play against the "AI" (computer player) then you should place your markers as shown in image one. The computer player will eventually mess up and not drop a blocking marker in the empty space between number 2 and number 3.

Playing Blooop Against the Computer

To get the Secret Blooop Badge quickly, play against a friend and place the markers as shown in image two. You would be the yellow markers in this example. Just after your opponent drops the green marker number 4, have them click on "Stand Up" in the upper right of the screen. They will be replaced by the computer player. Now you drop your marker number 4 to win the game.

Playing Blooop Against a Friend