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Put together by PogoBadgeAddict04 and some awesome forum members.

Help Jack Light The 7 Special Jack-O-Lanterns To Kick Off Halloween!

For generations, Jack and his family have been the Keepers of Halloween...

...Or "Halloweenies." its Jack's job to start the holiday by lighting the 7 special Jack-O-Lanterns by midnight on October 30.

To help him with his job, Jack uses his special Jack-O-Matic Wrist-Dar 2000

Eager for another Halloween to begin, Jack starts out on his journey +25 Tokens

Just like clockwork, Jack finds and lights the first Jack-O-Lantern!

Assured this year's lightings will go smoothly, Jack sets out again.

Suddenly, an eerie fog settles on the forest and Jack can barely see...

"Argghaa!" Jack trips over something and takes a header. He gets up and brushes himself off.

Jack checks the Wrist-Dar, and, sure enough, the Jack-O-Lantern is sitting at his feet! What Luck! +50 tokens

Jack lights the second Jack-O-Lantern!

As Jack sets out to find the next pumpkin, he's happy to see the fog begin to clear. +25 tokens

But just as the fog clears, the skies open up and rain drenches Jack.

Jack checks the Wrist-Dar, but unfortunately it's not water-proof!

Hoping to get dry, Jack heads for a creepy-looking cabin off in the distance.

The cabin is dry and Jack takes off his wet coat. But out of the corner of his eye, he sees the shadow of a monster close in...

Terrified, he turns to face the beast, but the shadow was cast by a mouse standing in front of ...... the next Jack-O-Latern

With the help of his new friend Frank N. Mouse Jack lights the third Jack-O-Lantern

Without the Wrist-Dar to guide him, Jack heads for the road to Frightsburgh where he hopes to borrow a map from his uncle Gary.

After hours of walking, Jack and Frank see two shady characters standing by a truck parked on the shoulder.

"Youse guys lookin' for a steal? We got TV's, cell phones, a Jack-O-Lantern..."

"We'll take it!" says Frank. Jack takes the Jack-O-Lantern and lights it.

With three more pumpkins to go, Jack and Frank take the Jack-O-Lantern and continue toward Frightsburgh.

Not 15 minutes later, a police car screeches to a halt in front of the pair.

"Freeze! Frightsburgh PD. Put the pumpkin on the ground and reach for the sky!"

As the cell door closes, Jack asks what the charge is. "Receiving a stolem pumpkin. You have one call."

Stuck and ashamed, Jack knows of only one thing to do. "Dad?"

"You made bail." Jack and Frank head out to meet Jack's dad. +50 Tokens

"I don't even want to hear the story," says Jack's dad, Drack. "Just get in the car".

"There's not much time left, so I stopped and got number five on the way. Light 'er and let's get out of here."

"The sixth pumpkin is at the foot of the lonely Cypress on the Tri-Peaks. Mockingbird Lane is the quickest way there...."

"No way, dad," argued Jack."I-13 is the fastest route." ]

"You'd better be right about this one, Capone," says Drack as they take the on-ramp.

"Forget it, Jailbird.  I'm making the calls from here on out,"
says Drack as they turn on to Mockingbird.

The trio arrive quickly, and Jack jumps out to light the sixth Jack-O-Lantern.

"It's already 11:45! We've got to skeedaddle," says Jack as he hops back in the car.

Drack throws the car in reverse, and then... "Pop!"

"We can do it!" says Jack. "Pretend we're in NASCAR...."

Three minutes later, they had changed the tire and were on the road for home. +100 Tokens

At 11:57, they screech in the driveway and dash for the front door.

Just like always, they light the last Jack-O-Lantern on the kitchen table. "See? just like clockwork." says Jack. +500 tokens

Ali Baba Slots (New story images)

New Ali Baba Slots Stories

Join Ali Baba on his questfor the Jewels of Ultimate Luckiness.

Our story begins when our hero, Ali Baba, is sent to the forest by Papa Baba to cut some firewood.

Never one to mind his own business, Ali Baba hears the secret password when eavesdropping on the dreaded 32 theives. +50 Tokens

"Open Sunflower"Ali Baba was almost positive it was some kind of seed.....

Ali Baba says, "Open Sesame!" and the cave door opens. +100 Tokens

Inside of the cave, Ali Baba found the Rabbit's Foot Ruby and an ancient map!

The legendary map marks the location of the Jewel of Ultimate Luckiness!

Figuring he can get back in time for supper, Ali Baba sets sail to find the Jewels +75 Tokens

Ali Baba's ship is rocked by rough seas!

With all these rough seas, Ali Baba is feeling a little queazy.

Having finally arrived at the first mark on the map, Ali Baba dives into the water and the finds the Pearl of Prosperity!

Encouraged by his loot of sick of the water, Ali Baba changes course

Ali Baba is excited to head for land, but unfortunately, his boat has other plans!

Ali Baba reaches the shores of the Arabian desert. +75 Tokens

Stuck, Ali Baba tries rubbing the Jewels and wishing for a way to cross the desert.

Just like that, a camel appears! "Now that's what I call service!" +50 Tokens

Alternate Scene
Unfortunately, nothing happens. "Shoulda brought a lamp", says Ali as he starts walking

After hours of travel, Ali Baba arrives at the oasis marked on the map. +100 Tokens

Inside of a palm's coconut, Ali Baba finds the Sapphire of Serendipity!

Heartened by his successes so far, Ali Baba sets out for the Casbah.

Ali Baba is caught in a sudden sandstorm!

Tired and thirsty, Ali Baba finally arrives at the Casbah. +100 Tokens

After hours of searching within the walls of the Casbah, Ali Baba discovers the Emerald of Chance!

Hearing decidedly soldierly footsteps, Ali Baba stashes the Jewels back in the wall.

Sure enough, the Sultan's soldiers appear and arrest Ali Baba.

"But I need to get home and finish the firewood!" The guards don't listen, and Ali Baba is taken to the Casbah dungeon.

Always the smooth-talker, Ali Baba convinces the soldiers to bring him to the Sultan. +100 Tokens

Ali Baba shows the Sultan and Princess the map, and tells a somewhat embellished tale of his adventures.

The Princess convinces her father to release Ali Baba, so he can bring her the jewels. +150 Tokens

Outside in the medina, Ali baba meets a fortune teller who gives him a riddle.

"What's green and prickly and wears a tie?" +50 Tokens

Stumped and frustrated by the bizarre question, Ali Baba sets out for the mountains.

Halfway up the mountain, Ali Baba slips and lands in a cactus! "That's the answer," he shouts! +75 Tokens

Near the summit, Ali Baba sees the Roc's nest. There's something sparkling inside!

Ali Baba carefully snatches the Kismet Jade just before the Roc rolls in!

Jade in hand and the answer to the riddle in his mind, Ali Baba rushes back to the medina.

"I got it!" exclaims Ali Baba to the fortune teller. "It's Spike the cactus!" +150 Tokens

As a reward, the fortune teller gives Ali Baba the Topaz Horseshoe!

Ali Baba returns to the Casbah, eager to show his booty to the Sultan and the Princess.

"Behold!", said Ali Baba, "The Jewels of Ultimate Luckiness!"

The Sultan is so impressed, he gives Ali Baba the final Jewel: The Engagement Diamond! +500 Tokens

Sock Hop Slots

Sock Hop Slots Stories

My road to fame and fortune was windy. And rocky. And sometimes muddy. Let me tell you all about it.

From the first time I performed on stage, I wanted to be a rock and roll star.

And although I loved singing, the crowds didn't love it right away

No fans meant no work. And a very sore duck tail.

But you know what they say:if at first you don't succeed, go to Hollywood.

My first problem, finding Hollywood

I hitched rides north, south, east, and west.

And searched over land and sea.

It took me a long time, but I saw lots of the world and played to any audience I could get.

One day, I met a prickly old guy named Spike at a crossroads. He made me an incredible offer....

And before you know it, I was in Hollywood, ready to take on the world.

I hadn't been in town for a day before I saw a flier for a talent contest.

I entered the competition along with every other duck with a dream.

I'll never forget when the judges called my number.

I tried everything -- even playing a solo with my foot. The result was strange stares and a horrible blister!

I knew I'd blown my first chance, so I had only one more shot.

I limped on stage, but I could barely see because of the spotlight.

The combination of my blister-foot dancing and sunglasses proved to be the secret recipe.

The crowd went crazy, and I loved it!

And the chicks weren't bad either.

It didn't take long for me to get used to fans screaming 'ROCKY DUCK'!

They loved me. And who could blame them?

I was my biggest fan, and didn't have room in my heart for anyone except me.

That is, until I saw her in the audience.

When they announced the winner of the competition, I was happy....

I was a rock star but I couldn't get her out of my mind.

As soon as I could, I rushed inot the crowd to find her, but she was gone

I searched and searched, but all I could find was her scarf.

As I worked on my first album, all I could think about was her.

I saw her everywhere -- in the clouds and on the moon.

By the time I went into the studio, I had written some of the best duck love songs ever.

My album, 'Lover Ducker', really came from my heart.

It was an overnight smash.

As much as everyone loved the songs, they loved the story of the girl with the scarf more, so I told it in every interview.

Soon, she saw an interview with me and called the TV station.

I got her address, and got ready to pay her a visit.

It was love at second sight.

Suddenly, all of my love songs were coming true.

We got married, and she made me an honest duck.

We spent every minute together.

Our life was perfect.

And before too long, another little rocker joined our band!

Thats my story: Just a duck, a guitar, a girl, and a dream!