Tri-Peaks Solitaire Tips

Badge tips

Be aware of the 30 minute time limit for Temple of the Sun, the 8 minute time limit for Tickle Your Fancy, and the one hour time limit for Quick Hands! You don't need to win the hands for these. If you have trouble with Tickle Your Fancy or Quick Hands, just click quickly through the cards in your hand and don't worry about the peaks.

Also be aware of the two hour time limit for Beware of Falling Rocks! You do need winning hands for this one.

"Artifacts" in Game Award badges refers to the prize in the Gold Treasure Chest at the far right above the playing field. Each trip across consists of six hands.

For badges requiring streaks of ten cards or more, if you have a Wild Card and run out of moves at nine, use it to place a tenth. You can also use a Wild Card to extend a streak of say seven cards if you have another streak of three cards accessible on the playing field. Also, if you get a streak of ten early in a game, consider breaking it by drawing a new card - sometimes you can get another ten card streak in the same hand.

For "Clear Peaks" badges, concentrate on the Peak with fewest cards when you have a choice of moves if you're getting low on Draw cards.

For 3X Bonus Multiplier badges, save Wild Cards to extend streaks when the snake is near the top.

For badges requiring tokens, you'll get more tokens for higher Bonus Multipliers, longer streaks, fewer leftover Draw cards at the end of a hand, more wins in a row within the six hands in a game, reaching the Gold Treasure Chest, and of course jackpot spins.

Progress for token badges will tally and show up after a jackpot spin (when you reach the Gold Treasure Chest).

For "Use Wild Card" badges, try to use them in the 1st, 2nd or 4th hands, as those are the only times you have a chance at getting another.

For badges requiring hand or game wins, or that you get to the Gold Treasure Chest, refer to Game tips.

Game tips

ALWAYS read a game's How to Play, and also check for a Hints or Tips tab and/or Tutorial. They do help!

Be aware that Aces are high and low, and can connect a 2 to a King.

Remember that you can make moves in either direction, up or down, at any time.

Save Wild Cards to use when you're stuck with one card left (which happens often).

If you have a choice or two or more cards to use, you're generally better off to select one that covers two cards rather than just one.

You only have one Undo per hand, so save it until you need it. If you're left with a choice of plays when you have just a few cards left, try one and if it doesn't have a playable card under it, that's a good time to use Undo and try the other card.

Occasionally you'll get a Face-Up Deal (or FUD) which, contrary to what common sense would indicate, doesn't always make the hand easier to win.

More about Tri-Peaks Solitaire

In Febuary 2008 a download/for-purchase version of this game was introduced: Tri-Peaks Deluxe (also called Tri-Peaks 2: Quest for the Ruby Ring).

Additional ranks and rank badges were added to this game in August 2008.

This game ranks up very slowly, and although it's easy and relaxing to play, it takes a lot of time and dedication to earn the final badges.

If you leave a room before reaching the Gold Treasure Chest, you won't lose any progress and Tex will be at the same spot up top when you return.

When the Temple of the Golden Snake badge was first released, credit was only being given for completed trips to the Gold Treasure Chest, not the six hands the trip takes. Pogo adjusted this error, but didn't give retroactive credit for hands completed before the fix.

The Stone Idol badge was originally a weekly challenge for November 11, 2009 but so many people complained about how long it took and/or weren't able to complete it, Pogo removed it from the 2009 weekly book and made it a retroactive Special Edition badge (or Badge of Honor in this case) for those who did complete it during that week. This badge cannot be earned as a Personal challenge.

The adventurer who makes his way across the top is named Tex Carter. He's also featured in Lost Temple Poker, where he has just as many injuries.

It's unusual to have badges with names as similar as Gold Idol and Golden Idol in the same game.

Ranks and related card backs in this game are named for animals, some of which are rare and/or endangered. You can Google any animal name to see what it is - some are quite exotic!