Word Whomp Tips

Badge tips

Be sure to select the proper Skill Level for badges with a Skill Level requirement!

Be aware of the two hour time limit for the Baby Blocks badge, the one day time limit for T.N.T., and the ten minute time limit for Snowball!

For badges requiring tokens, just get as many words as you can in each set. You'll earn bonus tokens for finding the Golden Word and for finding every word in a set, and you'll also earn more tokens on harder difficulty levels.

For "in a row" badges, if you've begun your streak and can't win a game, click out of the room before time runs out and join another. Your next win should still count as "in a row". Note there's no guarantee this glitch will continue to work.

For badges requiring you find the Golden Word bonus, you can hit New Game after correctly entering the highlighted word, or if you can't figure out.

For badges requiring five letter words, hit New Game til you have several five letter words on the board, then concentrate on finding them rather than shorter words. If you don't care about rank progress, hit New Game as soon as you've found all the five letter words.

For badges requiring you find every word, hit New Game until you have a relatively short list of words, and common letters to choose from.

For game win or spin badges, you only have to reach the veggie marked "Spin" for a win; then you can hit New Game. Refer to Game tips for more.

Game tips

ALWAYS read a game's How to Play, and also check for a Hints or Tips tab and/or Tutorial. They do help!

Whenever you find a word, see if you can find another by adding S, ER, ED, etc. to the end of it or DE, UN, etc. to the beginning.

The word list is in alphabetical order. When you have one or two missing words you can decipher which letters they begin with based on their position in the list.

More about Word Whomp

You don't always get credited for as many tokens won as the game says you should when playing on Skill Level 3.

In addition to rank icons and badges, this game offers optional new graphic themes at Ranks 3 (beach) and 25 (winter).

You can type letters in this game rather than mouse-clicking them. Other keyboard shortcuts are enter key to submit, spacebar to mix up letters, backspace to undo, and delete to clear all selected letters.

The Word Whomp Weekend badge was only available during the dates shown above. Special Edition badges can't be activated as personal challenges.